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Manage playlist pitches with ease

Our tool helps you manage your Spotify playlists with an easy to use pitches inbox, utilizing our own match score that helps adding/accepting pitched songs a breeze.
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Match Score

Identify matching tracks easily.

Playlist Match Score is your new secret weapon for discovering amazing tracks for your playlist! We use a combination of audio features and social signals to estimate the score of pitched songs against your playlists. We believe these signals help you make an educated decision when it comes to deciding if the track fits or not.

Playlist Match Score


Track your playlists growth.

Keep tabs on the daily, weekly, and monthly growth of your Spotify Playlists. Our tool keeps track of your playlists in a single interface so that you can better manage the music that's inside.


Pitch management as a team.

Invite team members to collaborate with you in reviewing pitches. With private comments on received submissions, you will be able to work as a group. Team members can also manage contacts and review playlists growth.


Simple Contact Management

Our tool features easy-to-use contact management. New contacts are added as submissions come in, and are tagged accordingly. You can then easily export those that opted-in to your mailing list.


Proactive Notifications

Users receive email notifications when you take action on their pitch. Through these notifications we encourage users to share they have been play-listed via their social media channels, giving your playlists additional exposure.